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Who Wants a 102 Horsepower 500cc Two-Stroke Kit Engine + Video

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Switch to Quick search.No modification to the original engine is needed, this is a bolt on set up. The unit uses honda CRFx stator to produce the power for battery charging and other accessories.

A modified, backward oriented CRFx flywheel is also used to which a oneway clutch and a ring gear is coupled. The billet Panthera starter cover comes with an assembly of gears, all mounted on sealed bearing, no fast worn out bushing like other manufacturers. The unit comes with its own extra strong electric motor which is capable of starting a standard CR without the need of a decompressor.

panther cr 500

For larger bore and high compression engines, having a decompressor is still recommended. Additional weight for the whole unit is 6 pounds. Panthera electric starter has been designed to fit the panthera engines as well as oem cr cases.

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Accept Reject Read More. Necessary Necessary.During thelast 20 years two-stroke motorcycles have practically vanished from the streets, substitutedby cleaner, safer and more reliable four-strokes. Their demise is unquestionably a good thing when it comes to air quality in big cities, but despite this many people still miss them, seekingsolace in restorations and custom builds.

For those who understand this nostalgia, here are ten modern motorcycles thatkeep the oil-burning spirit alive. Some are available to buy, although most ofthem can hardly be considered cheap, easy to find or environmentally-friendly. The dilemma, of course, is that they're all likely to deliver a delicious ride. In acertain Mr. After the historic triumph these machines whitewashedthe field untilwhen Valentino Rossi conquered his first GP title on aHonda NSR; the last ever by a two-stroke smoker.

In off roadracing the two-strokes had already made their mark by the mids, going onto dominate the scene in the early s. Two-strokeshave an outright advantage over any four-stroke; more power from equaldisplacement, less weight and easier servicing due to less moving parts in theengine.

On the other hand, their disadvantages include shorter service life, increased fuelconsumption, terrible emissions and a nasty disposition because of their narrow powerband. Thingsstarted changing as the world grew more environmentally conscious and by thes it was becoming obvious that the two-stroke era was coming to an end. Honda presented the revolutionary EXP-2 two-stroke Activated Radical Combustion engine inraced it in a few Rally Raids to prove that it could be clean and efficient and then proceeded to kill its own project — despite successfully vindicating its own claims.

In Yamaha introduced the YZF, a revolutionary four-stroke motocross racer that producedincredible power at higher rpm than any four-stroke had ever achieved before. Itwas a game changer, and in just a few years the off-road racing world was turnedupside down. By the early s the two-strokeshad been confined to a handful of competitors in every class — more of a nichethan actually competitive motorcycles. People havealways been attracted to race replicas.

A new generation of hi-tech four-stroke machines dominated the globalmotorcycle market, a trend still holding strong today. Thefactories are happy; four-strokes are more expensive, they need more parts andtheir service is equally costlier.

The environment should be in a better place,having rid itself from those oil-burning smokers. Four-strokes are safer toride, with a linear power delivery, engine braking and no unexpected outburstsfrom engines that suddenly hit a mountain of torque.

We may yet find out if this recent Honda patent for a direct fuel injection, cleaner burning two-stroke is any indication. But peoplestill want them. They are cheaper, lighter and morepowerful, but despite some recent signs that the two-stroke might not have fallen completely off the agenda like this cleaner burning Honda patent designthe two-stroke doesn't look likely to make a comeback anytime soon.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Drag racing Z1000, Hayabusa, KX500 @ VW Open 2010

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panther cr 500

Thread starter Guitarman Start date Feb 14, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Guitarman Member. Premium Member. Jan 15, 43 12 8 67 Anchorage, Alaska.

I have debated posting this for the simple fact that Sebastien Panthera Motorsports is a great guy and stands behind his product. Here's the issue. Last ride out the starter would not engage.

panther cr 500

Used the kicker all day.I've mostly tended to make two bets - a safe bet (max 2. What nuggets would you share with respect to betting strategy. If you have been following my selections you will see that we are well over 10 points up. This means in effect I have 10 more bets before I start showing a loss. So avoid short priced favourites.

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I would like to ask you: Which strategy do you use to try and predict that at least one game will end in a draw. This is highlighted in the Premier Football Betting Handbook. Then I look to see if the draw price offers any value and then I asses the form of the two teams involved. How do I know what I should be betting.

Should I take into account my overall profit and bet more as I earn more, or stick to picking up lots of small bets. Betting on football can be profitable but it should be fun and always kept in context.

panther cr 500

For example, is there money to be had in betting on corners if you do the research. For example if you wish to back a short priced selection. How do you keep disciplined.

Discipline is the key to my draw strategy there will be a week or two where there are no winners but it is then you have to believe in the strategy and stick with it. I like to bet on second leg cup matches as you get more information about what the teams need from the game.

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Also if you do have a bet and your team are leading you can close out your position for a profit. Also, where did you hit upon the three draw formula.Once again, I'm impressed with the level of interaction that is made almost daily from the instructors and support team. Thank you for all your help. The course, Introduction to R Programming Part Two, taught by Joris Meys was EXCELLENT!!. All of the course materials were extremely helpful in allowing me not only to understand the details of R programming but also to gain a solid perspective on the fundamentals of R coding.

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Panthera Cr500 E-Start Alert

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For sale Honda CR

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